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Blackest Night #0 July 4, 2009

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Blackest Night #0I get pretty excited for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!  Even though a lot of times the comics are just reprints wah wah… But still it’s free comics!!! And this year… I gotta say DC really out did themselves with Blackest Night issue #0!!!  We’ve heard all the rumblings about Blackest Night and we’ve gotten a few little teasers here and there, but this is the beginning of an EVENT!  One that I have to say I am so excited for.

 We’ve got Geoff Johns writing, who is one of my personal favorites, paired up with Ivan Reis, who’s been working on the Green Lantern.  I have to say they are a great match in this first little taste of Blackest Night.  It’s only a quick 12 pages, but these two have done a fantastic job.  And somehow they strike an amazing balance introducing the story to new readers as well as keeping the fanboys satisfied.

 Blackest Night is going to completely change the DC Universe.   There will soon be 7 different corps, each one tied to an emotion and a color in the spectrum, that will have to join forces against an 8th corp….  the deadliest the Black Lanters… They are the undead… get it… deadliest… undead… oh yeah I’m always thinking…

Anyway, the issue begins with Barry Allen and Hal Jordan in a cemetery rehashing their own ‘deaths’ and resurrections…  and mourning the loss of Batman.  I love how Johns made them both aware of their own strange paths and gave some great foreshadowing; not all who come back from beyond are as lucky as they are…  you even get a glimpse of who might be coming back from the other side… look closely at some of the tombstones guys!  Waiting in the wings… William Hand aka BLACK HAND the Green Lantern’s enemy numero uno wearing the black ring and calling some Black Lanterns to war… muahhahah

And as if the 12 pages of new story weren’t enough we even get some beautifully drawn images of all of the Lantern Corps that are going to take part in this epic battle.

As far as getting me sufficiently excited and sucked in for the issues to come… serious points for you guys because I am on board!  Just one question? … whyyyy oh why do I have to wait all the way until July to read moreeee… ohh DC why do you tease me so…


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