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The Flash Rebirth #1 July 4, 2009

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The Flash:Rebirth Issue #1 just came out recently and there has been a lot of hype about this series, because the dream team Geoff Johns is writing and Ethan Van Sciver is doing the artwork. When I picked up the book I have to say the cover is gorgeous and I was super excited to see if lighting could strike twice for this team who did an incredible job with The Green Lantern: Rebirth.

In this series they are bringing Barry Allen back from his heroic death in Crisis more than 20 years ago. For me tons of questions immediately sprung to mind… how are they going to bring him back… is this going to be a cheesy soap opera back from the dead? How are they going to deal with all of the other versions of the Flash? Wally West and Bart Allen? But you can’t judge Johns too harshly for this one as in all first issues there’s a lot of ground work that needs to be laid down before all the big questions can be answered. But, I am happy to say they aren’t ignoring all of the other Flash incarnations and are actually using it to create some great drama for this series. Angsty teen super hero drama count me in!

You get the feeling that this Flash is back for business. He’s not up for all the parades and parties and Flash whoopla… And Johns leaves you on the last page with a great idea of where the next issues could be headed. Bye Bye Savitar!

Now for the artwork, as soon as you open to the first page Van Sciver does a great job of pulling the reader into Central City, and has some fun with layering all of the old superhero favs throughout.

Something I think could really help out this seires as well, is the popularity of all the crime drama shows now… This issue starts out just like and episode of CSI, so even if you aren’t a comic book reader or an avid Flash follower, this might be a great series to get you started! Did this issue blow me away… no, but am I going to be ready to pick up the next issue?… umm yes!


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