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GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra PREVIEW July 4, 2009

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Next up let’s talk about GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra  G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra

Not gonna lie I am a little worried about this one… the comics are one of Marvel’s top selling books, loved the cartoon, even had the action figures… Kind of feel like the plot is one the I came up with when I was little playing with those action figures…  Special Ops fighting against Cobra the evil arms dealer…

No, big names are cast in this one all kind of second tier or up and coming actors… which usually I am really excited about… Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller; you know there is going to be some love story between the pretty people… predictable.  But Sienna Miller as the Baroness?  I just don’t see her being able to pull it off…  the only saving bits might be the love/hate bromance between Tatum and Joseph Gordon Levitt, they were already in Stop Loss together, so that  nostalgic American comrodery  from the comics might be fun to see.

Stephen Sommers is directing, who’s done The Mummy and Van Helsing so you at least there are going to be a few good fights and special effects.  But, this is probably one I’ll be waiting for on dvd…


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