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Desolation Row- My Chemical Romance July 4, 2009

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If you haven’t heard of Watchmen, you must be living under a rock! Not only is it the greatest graphic novel of all time, but the film version directed by Zack Snyder isn’t too shabby either! Zack wanted to be sure that comic fans were happy with the flick and that music lovers were too! So, he decided to only use songs that were time specific to the book, anything before 1985. With one small exception… My Chemical Romance.

Lead Singer Gerard Way is a huge comic book fan, he even has his own series the Umbrella Academy (one of my favs), so when the opportunity to cover Bob Dlyan’s Desolation Row for Watchmen came along they were all in! This videos got some serious raw energy that Rorschach would be totally into! Here’s My Chemical Romance with Desolation Row.


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