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Star Trek REVIEW July 4, 2009

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 I have to say this was one of my favorite movies  it kicked my summer blockbuster viewing to warp speed!   And I went in with HIGH EXPECTATIONS! We’ve been hearing so much about how JJ Abrams wasn’t a huge Star Trek fan, that he wanted to attract new viewers that may not be trekkies and he definitely didn’t want to make a copycat movie.  I gotta say there was part of me that was a little worried he might get rid of everything I loved about the original Gene Roddenberry series.

 But, Good God was I blown away!  He gives you the origin story of the crew from the Starship Enterprise, and I have to say when I first saw the starship on the big screen again I just felt all warm and fuzzy.  And that is something that I think the movie really has a good grasp of, knowing the things that were untouchable, from the ship, to the uniforms, fight sequences and even little character quirks and lines.  When you see Kirk, Sulu and the “red shirt” space jumping to de-activate that drill, you immediately know who’s not going to make it back to the ship.  That fateful red uniform… sorry buddy but, your days on the enterprise are numbered.  And there’s even a nod to the slow mo awkward fights on that drill.   

Let’s talk casting, I think they got it spot on.  Zachary Quinto, might recognize him as Sylar from Heroes, perfect!  Karl Urban as Bones! And the piece de la resistance Chris Pine as Jim Kirk!  There were moments in his delivery that I could just see a young William Shatner up there!  He even had the mannerisms nailed!  The scene at the end where he’s sitting in the captain’s chair with his legs crossed commanding that bridge… FANTASTIC!  Oh yeah and did anyone notice that cameo from some dude named LEONARD freakin’ NEMOY!  Come on!

I could go on and on… There is a great plot with nostalgic moments sprinkled in there that sparkle like the stars in space…  ok was that a little excessive haha!  What I’m trying to say is…If you haven’t gone to see this one… GO SEE IT!!!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  My only complaint, there was nothing extra after the credits!!!  I want more!  And I want it now!  I’m giving this one my vote for Best Sci Fi movie of the year!


2 Responses to “Star Trek REVIEW”

  1. nperess Says:

    I agree with everything you mentioned. As a loooong time Star Trek fan I am happy that they did not completely disregard what had come before. The only misgivings that I had about the film were the set designs (engineering in particular) and the ugliness of the new Enterprise. No one can beat Andrew Probert for starship design.

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