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pre: COMIC-CON 2009 July 23, 2009

comic_con_logoComic-Con is almost here!!!  Only a few days to go and I can barely contain myself.  If you are in San Diego this weekend please, please go so I can live vicariously through your visit to The Geek Promise Land!

The buzz is building so I’m going to let you in on a few of the highlights that I can’t wait to check out, and by “check out” I mean watching the coverage on G4 through tear filled eyes, since I don’t actually get to be there this year…



Spotlight on Geoff Johns –  Any spoilers or hints on where Blackest Night is going will be greatly appreciated!  One of the best comic writers out there!


Gabriel Ba:  what’s next for the Umbrella Academy?! 



The Twilight Saga: New Moon – I’d like to make just one request:  Taylor Lautner please to come to the convention shirtless to show off how dedicated to the role of Jacob you really were.  That would be greatly appreciated!


Prince of Persia: Sands of Time – Still not quite sure how I feel about the whole Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan business… But, I mean if they could mesmerize me with the video game trailer, I’m hoping they can do the same with the movie!


Alice and Wonderland – rumor has is JOHNNY DEPP may be making an appearance!   JOHNNY DEPPPPPP!!!  Yowsa!


Dish about Green Lantern (a little on the fence casting Ryan Reynolds… I mean really how many super hero movies can he be in this year?) 



Smallville – my fav show on TV!  Anything they reveal about this show will put me over the moon!  As long as it’s not “This is our last season!”


I cannot wait and it looks like Hollywood can’t wait either!  Looks like the comics to movies fad is still on the up and up!

 If you are you going to this year’s Comic-Con tell me everything!  And I mean everything!


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