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Justin Timberlake tries Acting… again… August 4, 2009

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So, when Justin Timberlake struck out on his own from ‘N Sync, I was one of the skeptics.  I loved that blonde curly haired cutie… But, I wasn’t totally sure he could make it on his own.



Justified was released and I loved every song…  Then Justin brought “SexyBack” and everyone was 100% on board the Timberlake wagon with FutureSex/LoveSounds.  As if that wasn’t enough, he started making appearances on songs with Nelly Furtado, Ciara, and his bff Timbaland, spinning even more musical gold.  He has his own fashion line, William Rast, a restaurant in New York City , Southern Hospitality, and then came the comedic jackpot on SNL and an Emmy award for … you know what “In a Box.”




It seems like everything this kid touches turns to gold.  But, why oh why can’t being a musician with the Midas touch be enough for you Justin?  ugh… No, you have to keep trying to be an ACTOR… 


First, he tested out the waters with Model Behavior… A fluffy little teen movie.  Ok, not too bad…  But, he really wanted to work that acting muscle and moved on to Alpha Dog…   Black Snake MoanLove Guru… all of which made me cringe a little more than the one before.  And now you’re trying again…  WHEN WILL IT END?!?


Here’s the preview for JT’s latest acting attempt, The Open Road… Love you JT, but please please please stick to the music!  



I mean I guess it’s not as bad as Glitter right?  hehe, I promise you I’ll post some acting gold shortly!


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