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Vampire Diaries Premiere… September 13, 2009

Vampire Diaries Promo


So…  I have to admit I am a Twilight fan, but the wait for New Moon has been a little long, so when there was talk of a new angsty vampire teen romance I could get obsessed with I was torn!  Should I boycott and stay true to Edward, or try my luck with a new clan in the CW’s Vampire Diaries?


Since I pretty much love every show on the CW there was a good chance I’d like this one.  So, on Thursday night I started watching… Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of the plot line…  It’s based on the book series from L.J. Smith’s, The Vampire Diaries.  And if you are a true vampire fan, then saying that the love story is very similar to that of Dark Shadows would be enough…  Vampire loves a non-vamp girl who dies and years later he happens upon another non-vamp girl who looks exactly like his former love… oh yeah and it’s set in a high school this time, but they didn’t ditch the old English style castle for the Vampires humble abode.  Ok, so the scene’s set.



The show is a little campy with fog and crows and ominous music…   But, I kind of LOVED IT!!!  I reminded me of another old CW show that I loved… Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


ninaPaulWesleyOf course all the actors are beautiful!  Would you expect anything less from the CW!?  Playing the leads Nina Dobrev, from Degrassi; Paul Wesley, previously on Army Wives & 24.  And drum roll please… my personal favorite Ian Somerhalder!!!



Yes, I am so glad that he is back on the small screen.  When Boone was killed off of Lost I was heartbroken.  Fortunately, in this case… he is playing a vampire so he can’t be killed off, cause by definition a vampire is- “the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons”(thank you very much Merriam-Websters.)  Great career move buddy… no one’s job is stable in these difficult times.


Consensus is…  Mix a little Buffy, Dawson’s Creek and Dark Shadows and you have got one amazing Thursday night!  My suggestion… if you haven’t started watching, sit your butt on the couch & get to watching!



One Response to “Vampire Diaries Premiere…”

  1. Brian C Says:

    My opinion, I think this show is better than Twilight, I’m just saying =)

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