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My MTV ’09 VMA Top 10… October 7, 2009

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1. Joe Perry!!! So into it, loved it!

2.  A little emotional during the MJ tribute…  smooth criminal, JANET WAS AMAZING!

3.  I just love that Russell Brand tight pants and all…

4.  Completely and utterly disgusted by Kanye West- you weren’t even nominated and I don’t even think Beyonce would ever want you to do anything like that… I’m going to pray for you buddy…

5.  Lady Gaga… Super theatrical performance… maybe a little too dark for me…  or I’m not artsy enough?… I didn’t get the wheel chair, arm brace & bloody eye bit?

6.  Beyonce-  incredible performance!

7.  Muse- surprised it was their first ever US performance I’ve been listening to them for a while now!  Such a great band!

8.  Pink… what was she wearing?  But, really cool Cirque du Soleil thing, and I think she was singing live which is insaneeee!

9.  Beyonce is sooo classy!!!

10.  Taylor Swift is so adorable and couldn’t have wished for a better PR stunt!


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