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Ahhh the Joys of Fall!!! November 5, 2009

When you ask most people what’s your favorite time of year?…  They’d probably say Summer or the Holiday season… But, I say this year the very best of 2009 is happening RIGHT NOW!!!  NOVEMBERRRRRRR!!!  Let me tell you why:


Top 5 Reason to LOVE November 2009


1. November 6th-  THE DROID- Verizon FINALLY has a kick ass smartphone


2. November 10th- CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2- I haven’t been this excited about a new game since Halo 3!!!  Ok let’s be real since Rock Band!  haha


3. November 20th- NEW MOON- Vampires, Italy, Werewolves, Romance… oh & Robert Pattinson!  Need I say more!


4. November 27- THANKSGIVING- Do you really need a reason to be excited about a day where you just get to stuff yourself like a turkey with amazing home cooked food???


5.  November 29th- MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!


And THAT my friends is why November is the best month ever. Period.


Did typing out that period part make it seem even more final?  Yeah it did, it totally did!




One Response to “Ahhh the Joys of Fall!!!”

  1. bn2956 Says:

    hope you had a good b-day. you sure look like you did

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