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TruFan Boxing: @ Gleason’s Gym Round 1 November 7, 2009

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Wanna  see a knock down drag show highlighting the true spirit of Boxing; The Gentleman’s Sport?  Well, you won’t see that here… haha it’s more like a 12 year olds blindside sucker punch.  I guess they’re still working on the Gentleman part!

Haven’t heard of Gleason’s Gym?  Well, I am sure you’ve seen it in some of the the many Hollywood movies it’s appeared in from Raging Bull to Million Dollar Baby.  Trufan’s own Boxing guru JMonte stopped by for an exclusive interview with owner Bruce Silverglade. And we’ve got tweets from Hector Camacho Sr. son… umm yeah I think Macho Camacho might have to rethink that nickname when he’s got his son fighting his battles!



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