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New Moon REVIEW November 21, 2009

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Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Twilight fan.  Read all the books, had a countdown to the movie première and even suckered friends into seeing it with me using some classic birthday girl puppy dog eyes!  Which after seeing the film… I wish I hadn’t done!

New Moon was in fact BETTER than Twilight.  But, if you saw the first one… well that’s not saying a whole lot.

Definitely better acting, special effects and hair make up (hello they even got Rosalie a WIG this time around!  BIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG $$$)

There were tons of guys there probably guilted into seeing the movie,  but I have to say there were ladies there of all ages from cougars to cubs to new-born baby pups.  I mean I think that the film industry really is going to take notice of how powerful the female ticket really is!  But, on behalf of the ladies…  Girls do we all have to oooh and ahhh at every cheesy shirtless moment?  It honestly made me so uncomfortable!  Like, as uncomfortable as chatting with my parents about the birds and the bees.  And, I mean R.Pattz looked pretty freakin’ uncomfortable disrobing for all to stare!  YEAH awwwwwkward!

This book was my favorite of the series, as I was reading it I could feel what Bella felt.  (yes… even techie loving, comic book reading girls can have their mushy moments!)  But, I think that it was hard to translate to the big screen.  I mean I know the part where the months go by was cool in the book, but it was a FAILLLL for the big screen.  One moment that did work.  One of the perfect moments was when Bella and Edward return from Italy and they are in Bella’s room and he tells her he’ll never leave her.  (Insert group “awwwhhhh!”) My little girly heart definitely skipped a beat!

If they can bring Eclipse up a few more notches it might just be a viewable movie for those few people in the world whos’ judgment is not clouded by a connection to the love story from the books, or Jacob and Edwards on-screen hottie biscotti factor.

The countdown to Eclipse has officially begun!  



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