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Bye Bye Thanksgiving…HELLO CHRISTMAS! Top 10 Gifts (under $50!!!) December 7, 2009

So after having sufficiently stuffed myself like a turkey, it’s now time to think about all the awesome gifts I want Santa to bring me this Christmas!

The older I get the more realize the gifts I want, namely gadgets & gizmos are well… on the pricier side.  So, this year I thought, I would do something a little different.  And, well something that I think my friends and family will certainly appreciate while trying to check off items from my Christmas list!  And, yeah I do still make a list!  Don’t pretend like you don’t!

Anyway, this year I am going to give my Top 10 Gift Ideas for under $50!!!  In no specific order, because I WANT THEM ALL!!!  And if you’re not shopping for me, well… this list might also come in handy for the coolest geeks in your life!

  1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz– One of my fav comic series of the year from Marvel in one Hardcover Collection!  (On Amazon under) $20.00
  2. Gamer Ornaments– These will make your tree look just right!  Gosh, I just love!!! $25.00
  3. Geek Monthly Magazine Subscription- or if they’ve already got that try Wizard or Wired!  All would bring a year of reading joy! $19.00
  4. Netflix Subscription– You can watch instantly from PS3, Xbox 360 Gold & the Wii is coming too!  2 dvds a month for 3 months $41.97
  5. American Apparel Laptop Bag– So you can carry around you laptop and still look Geek Chic doing it!  $34.00
  6. Star Trek– ON BLU RAY!!!  Commentary from J.J. Abrams, Casting info & that delightful blooper reel that I was so fond of!  $16.99
  7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2– Cause I didn’t wait in line & just held my friends copies hostage!  $49.99
  8. Midtown Comics Gift Card– Choose your comics, have ’em packaged and mailed right to your doorstep!  From $15 up to $50
  9. Scott McCloud Books– For the comic lover who just can’t get enough! Comic books about comic books!  Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics & Making Comics!  On Amazon each for under $17.00 or all 3 for around $50.00
  10. Neil Gaiman Collab: Angry Universe Print- One of my favorite artists, Camilla d’Errico, collaborating with one of my favorite writers Neil Gaiman!  $45.00 (I couldn’t stand to miss this one and bought it for myself!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!)



3 Responses to “Bye Bye Thanksgiving…HELLO CHRISTMAS! Top 10 Gifts (under $50!!!)”

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