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SNOWPOCALYPSEEEEE 2010!!! February 9, 2010

Ok… so in NYC everyone’s kind of freaking out about this crazy blizzard that’s supposed to hit tomorrow.  But, no one, I mean NO ONE is more excited than this AccuWeather Meteorologist!  I mean we’re talking about a PARALYZING, CRIPPLING, RECORD BREAKING STOOOOORRRRMMMMMM!!!!

And the winner for Best Storm Announcing Performance goes to, OH BOY…  Jim Kosek!!!

I’m heading out right now to stock up on hot chocolate, popcorn & video games!  Cause that my friends is what you do on snow days!  BRING IT ON SNOWPOCALYPSE!  oh boy…


2 Responses to “SNOWPOCALYPSEEEEE 2010!!!”

  1. Talking about the films, not the characters. I think The Mummy was an excellent remake, and is a classic film and I can watch it over and over. It’s just got enough meat on its bones. The Wolfman has a somewhat interesting plot, which isn’t immediately revealed right away. It’s not a plot where you an go, and then this happened, and then this, and then this. It’s got some twists and revelations that. It’s not, as linear and it didn’t feel as fun. Now, they’re different movies of course, 1 is horror is is adventure. Still they’re both remakes of classic monster movies by universal studios. I think they certainly learned their lesson from Van helsing and this is a much better movie than that. I cant help but compare the 2 movies though. I guess I just kind of wish Wolfman was better, like how I like the Mummy.

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