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Olympics 2010!!! USA’s kickin’ Ass… NBC’s coverage is another story… February 15, 2010

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Apparently, Americans aren’t the only ones unhappy with NBC’s coverage!  And Dutch speedskater, Sven Kramer was not having any of it!  He wins Olympic Gold and this is what an NBC America reporter says… “I need you to say your name and your country and the title that you just won.”  Check out Sven’s…polite & candid post interview reaction…

Fox, ABC, CBS? Any takers for London 2012???  And I actually happen to know a fantastic host, named Tiffany Smith that would love to help out!

So, apparently the reporter is saying that it was for tape id.  I mean it IS possible, I have done it for Man on the Street interviews (with STRANGERS).  But, it seems a little curious to ask a Gold Medal winning Olympian whose name is being plastered everywhere after his win.  Oh yeah, and he is also from the Netherlands, the country that is home to the biggest speedskating fans around…

But… I mean it’s possible it was for tape id…  Either way I think that reporter is canceling her vacation plans to Holland for the foreseeable future!


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