Breakfast @ Tiffany's

So, I've joined the dark side & started my own blog! Let me know what you think… WELCOME TO THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THIS GIRL…

From Treadmill to Rube Goldberg? I AM LOVING OK GO!!! March 2, 2010

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This band really makes some of the best music videos ever!  I mean really doing choreography on treadmill got everyone talking, and now…  An elaborate, amazing, fantastical Rube Goldberg that actually plays glasses as a musical interlude in part of the song!?!  COME ON!!!

Can they come help me create one that makes me a little breakfast?  Haha get it… Breakfast @ Tiffany’s!  wowsers… ok, on that note, check out OK GO’s video for, This Too Shall Pass!!!


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