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Harry Potter Reboot with MORE BOOKS??? October 1, 2010

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So, with the first of the 2 “Final” Harry Potter films wrapped and about to be released starting this November, Miss Rowling is starting the press circuit and making an appearance on Oprah today… check out the drama!

Now here is the reallllllllllyyyyy juicy bit… apparently Rowling hints at possibly writing more Harry Potter books!!!

I can’t wait to see the interview, but I am not entirely sure how excited I’d be about more books.  Everyone’s been tossing around the word reboot with all the super hero flicks from Spiderman to Superman, but could we see that with Harry Potter as well?  I mean after all ***SPOILER ALERT*** Harry is an older man, happily married to Ginny with kids at the end of Deathly Hallows!  Could we possibly see the films coming out 10 yrs from now and Danny Rad still playing the lead?  What do you guys think????


One Response to “Harry Potter Reboot with MORE BOOKS???”

  1. Richad B. Says:

    Should be interesting to see where she goes with the story once HP’s story wraps up if it does.

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