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Bio November 26, 2009

On Set for, “Let’s Talk About It”

Tiffany Smith has lived all over the country, from L.A. to San Diego, Hershey to New York. Every move created an exciting opportunity to explore, develop new friendships, and cultivate new interests. Each experience built up her spirit for adventure, a love for travel and the ability to connect with just about anyone. From SoCal surfer to Manhattan fashionista to MIT technology geeks, she is equally at ease.

Tiffany always knew her path was going to be in entertainment. She made it obvious to her friends and family from begging her parents for an agent each night when they tucked her into bed, to being in school plays, to recording a demo which snagged her a spot in a Pop Girl Group called, Impulse.

As with anything Tiffany pursues, she never does it halfway. So, she applied to one of the leading broadcast journalism schools in the nation, Syracuse University’s prestigious Newhouse School of Communications, earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Music Industry.

After college she moved to New York, where her hosting career really began – on shows for iVillage, Sony, AT&T’s Tech Channel, AOL Music, Spike TV and Activision to name a few.

After a successful stint in New York, Tiffany felt like it was time for her next big adventure – moving to Los Angeles! Since living in LA she has been putting, what she likes to call, her glamorously geeky personality to good use. Working for G4, MSN, E! News, Marvel and Oxygen. On any given work day you may catch her checking out the newest games at E3, reviewing her weekly comic stack, learning some dance moves from the cast of Oxygen’s All the Right Moves and The Glee Project or chatting with the casts of some of the year’s biggest movies like at The Dark Knight Rises junket or on the red carpet for the world premiere of The Avengers. Kind of hard to call that work!

She was also chosen as one of Bebe’s successful women to watch for their upcoming campaign and partnership with Marie Claire. Glamorous! And now for the geeky… She’s the tech guru of her social circle. Always the first to try out a new gadget and of course, report about it on her blog! She is an avid blogger and loves sharing her thoughts on anything and everything regarding pop culture!

In her spare time, Tiffany can be found gaming, perusing the stacks at her local comic book shop, snowboarding, trend spotting or picking up some new hobbies. She recently got her motorcycle license and has been perfecting her skeet shooting skills, you know for the pending zombie apocalypse!

She is passionate about helping out with charities like Operation Smile, Charity: Water and Shaohannah’s Hope.

Currently, Tiffany is living in Los Angeles and setting her sights on her next incredible gig! Whether it’s hosting, acting or singing, she’s always ready for another big adventure, and she can’t wait to take audiences along with her!


2 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Mike Boothby Says:

    Nuh-uh. There was ANOTHER comic geek in Newhouse? I’m not buying that. Broadcast Journalism people weren’t THAT cool. (You guys were always hogging the edit suites.) The TRF peeps though….

  2. James Says:

    umm, I thought I should send you an invite to our wedding, what day is good for you?

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