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And We’re back… Almost 1 yr Later… July 24, 2012

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So… somehow in the mix of work, friends, adjusting to LA life, traveling, blah blah blah, I have let my blog fall to the wayside… But, guess what I AM BACK!!!

Hope you can all forgive my absence, but for most of the things you’ve missed I will try to catch you up in the next few weeks and you can always check out:
Twitter: @TiffanysTweets
Facebook: Tiffany’s FanPage


Hosting Reel! August 3, 2011

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Just in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to for the past year or so… It’s been amazing so far, can’t wait to see what’s next!!! #ptl



HAPPY EASTER!!! April 25, 2011

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So… this was my Easter weekend! Filled with friends, cookies, Jesus, dunk-a-fris, airsoft & capture the flag! IT WAS SOOOOOO FUNNNnnNnnNnnn! xx



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Ok, so… yes… this is the first post I have put up in a really really long time… I AM SO SORRY! I will start being better! I promise!  I will have some new video posts for you this week, just in case you missed anything…


But… in the meantime… Here’s a little cutie pie for you…  I thought I loved the Biebs but this little one might have him beat with hose dance moves & rap stanky face OBSESSED!


G4’s Attack of the Show!!! I’m hosting THE FEED!!! eeekkk August 15, 2010

Now, if I began this post saying that I was excited… well that would be an understatement…. Because today my friends is like… It’s like Christmas, New Year’s & my Birthday in a brand new FCBD bag & board (that last bits for my fanboy friends)!

Monday Aug. 16th @7pm I will be hosting a segment on G4’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW called THE FEED!!!  The holy grail of all Geekdom!!!

If you’re on Twitter show some love anytime after 7pm Monday to: @aots, @TheFeed & @TiffanysTweets

Not sure what channel is it everywhere, but if you’ve got E! & Style then you’ve got G4! And for my non cable friends, you can check out my segment of The Feed right here:

Thanks for watching & supporting! Here’s hoping I get to see a lot more of you on AOTS!



Freddie will you be my boyfriend??? August 3, 2010

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And sing me video game medleys everyday of our lives together?  sighhhhh…


CRAZY awesome Super busy!!!! May 3, 2010

Sorry for the brief pause in updates guys!  Things have been a little crazy amazing busy!  From hosting a tech home makeover show, to some little UK visitors (and by little no I don’t mean hobbits, though that would have been an even more amazing story.  But, don’t worry if hobbits ever so show up on my doorstep I will tell you every detail in full geek glory!), getting some new photos taken, free comic book day & checking out some of those gift bag oscar parties!!!

Here’s some of the fun for you to check out!

My Home 2.0 Got to head down to Tampa Florida and be a little technology fairy to update the Reyes family’s home!  Now maybe I can get the show to upgrade my home???

Gift Bag Robin Hood Got to check out some of the Celebrity Gift bag Oscar Parties out in LA this year!  Pretty amazing stuff!  Then give away a few to fans of!  I mean if Kevin Pereira can do it, so can I!!!  (ahhh G4, Attack of the Show how I love you so…)

New Pictures!!!  Let me know what you guys think!  Thank you sooo much Mr. Peter Hurley!  And thank you all of my friends & fam who got a barrage of emails trying to help me choose the final shots!


Migraine Cure… a little, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?” February 14, 2010

Ok, so this weeks been a little rough on me…  Maybe it’s my self-imposed caffeine fast induced migraine?  Maybe it’s because I’m missing TED and D.I.C.E.???  Or maybe it was because this week was Valentine’s Day and like most geeks… I am SINGLE!  WTF?  haha

Let’s just put it this way… I couldn’t sleep woke up at 4 am… and decided the best option was to go the gym and take a super intense spin class… ummm yeah…  What can I say?  I was in a sleep deprived delirium…

So, after trying to dull my mind numbing headache, with American Idol, House, Facebook stalking, blog reading, House watching, gchatting… a friend of mine sent me a link to this video… I don’t know how I have missed this for so long, but it was the bright shiny spot it my day today!  So, I wanted to share it with all of you!  Cause, I know you’d want to date my avatar!  Especially since mine looks like a super really hot Na’vi!


iPad Commercial! HOLY GENIUS!!!!! January 27, 2010

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Ok, thank  you sooooooOOOOOOOooo much MADtv for putting what everyone’s been thinking into a delightful little video!  Side note, this is FROM 3 YEARS AGO!!!  Either the folks over at Apple have a great sense of humor, orrrr someone’s getting fired!!!!!!!!

Looks more like an iPon to me!

And I just love the fact that my guy friends are calling it the iThing.  They are just as uncomfortable talking about periods as they are saying iPad.  Which HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PERIODS GUYS! haha  This is absolutely AMAZING!!!


The Great Jobs has spoken- the iPad is here!!! 2010/01/creation.jpg

So… the wait is officially over!  Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPad earlier today to tons of excited Mac fans.  Part iPod Touch, part laptop, part… feminine hygiene product.

Ok, well not that last one… but, I mean really with a name like iPad who didn’t see the tampon jokes coming???  I mean, I will say when it’s my time of the month, I’ll feel clean and confident with the Apple iPad.

But, now that the cats out of the bag let’s talk about the latest gotta have Mac Gadget.  And yeah… even with the sucky name… I am drinking the Apple Kool-Aid!  And I WANT IT!!!  I mean reading the New York Times in the park on my trusty iPad!?!  The thought of having my comic books on a computer without fear of ripping the pages in my bag!?!  10 hours of battery power!??!  Umm sign me up!

Ok here’s what we’ve got…

Tech Specs:

  • 9.7 inch screen
  • “Multi-touch” touch-screen interface (ok Android you better get on that multi-touch ASAP!!!)
  • 1.5 pounds
  • 1/2 inch thick
  • Up to 10 hours of battery power (watching continuous video), with 1 month standby
  • Some models support 3G Network (only with AT&T… booooo hisss…)
  • Built-in speakers
  • Full touch screen keyboard
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass

Now the big questions… How much does this game changing magical device cost?   And when can I get my hands on one???

Well, for those light days- $499 for the 16GB; regular days- $599 for the 32GB and for the heavy days- $699 for the need the…  Max-iPad!!! haha Ok, last one I promise!  And the wait?  Not to long.  In about 2 months you can have one of your very own and be the envy of all of your friends!

The only thing thats missing for me… A camera???  I’m guessing that’ll come on the  2nd gen model, so well all feel like we need to drop another $500 to get the better model!

ohhhh… and side note, I CAN’T wait to see the iPad commercials!!!


As If I didn’t want Everything from Sony After CES… It’s on Fi-yahhh! January 15, 2010

By, now I am sure you’ve seen some of the awesome Auto-Tuned videos from The Gregory Brothers.  But, this one really hit home for me, since I just got back from CES & spending some quality time at the Lounge at the Sony booth.  This video will certainly make you Make.Believe.

Check it out!


Bye Bye Thanksgiving…HELLO CHRISTMAS! Top 10 Gifts (under $50!!!) December 7, 2009

So after having sufficiently stuffed myself like a turkey, it’s now time to think about all the awesome gifts I want Santa to bring me this Christmas!

The older I get the more realize the gifts I want, namely gadgets & gizmos are well… on the pricier side.  So, this year I thought, I would do something a little different.  And, well something that I think my friends and family will certainly appreciate while trying to check off items from my Christmas list!  And, yeah I do still make a list!  Don’t pretend like you don’t!

Anyway, this year I am going to give my Top 10 Gift Ideas for under $50!!!  In no specific order, because I WANT THEM ALL!!!  And if you’re not shopping for me, well… this list might also come in handy for the coolest geeks in your life!

  1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz– One of my fav comic series of the year from Marvel in one Hardcover Collection!  (On Amazon under) $20.00
  2. Gamer Ornaments– These will make your tree look just right!  Gosh, I just love!!! $25.00
  3. Geek Monthly Magazine Subscription- or if they’ve already got that try Wizard or Wired!  All would bring a year of reading joy! $19.00
  4. Netflix Subscription– You can watch instantly from PS3, Xbox 360 Gold & the Wii is coming too!  2 dvds a month for 3 months $41.97
  5. American Apparel Laptop Bag– So you can carry around you laptop and still look Geek Chic doing it!  $34.00
  6. Star Trek– ON BLU RAY!!!  Commentary from J.J. Abrams, Casting info & that delightful blooper reel that I was so fond of!  $16.99
  7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2– Cause I didn’t wait in line & just held my friends copies hostage!  $49.99
  8. Midtown Comics Gift Card– Choose your comics, have ’em packaged and mailed right to your doorstep!  From $15 up to $50
  9. Scott McCloud Books– For the comic lover who just can’t get enough! Comic books about comic books!  Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics & Making Comics!  On Amazon each for under $17.00 or all 3 for around $50.00
  10. Neil Gaiman Collab: Angry Universe Print- One of my favorite artists, Camilla d’Errico, collaborating with one of my favorite writers Neil Gaiman!  $45.00 (I couldn’t stand to miss this one and bought it for myself!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!)



Ahhh the Joys of Fall!!! November 5, 2009

When you ask most people what’s your favorite time of year?…  They’d probably say Summer or the Holiday season… But, I say this year the very best of 2009 is happening RIGHT NOW!!!  NOVEMBERRRRRRR!!!  Let me tell you why:


Top 5 Reason to LOVE November 2009


1. November 6th-  THE DROID- Verizon FINALLY has a kick ass smartphone


2. November 10th- CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2- I haven’t been this excited about a new game since Halo 3!!!  Ok let’s be real since Rock Band!  haha


3. November 20th- NEW MOON- Vampires, Italy, Werewolves, Romance… oh & Robert Pattinson!  Need I say more!


4. November 27- THANKSGIVING- Do you really need a reason to be excited about a day where you just get to stuff yourself like a turkey with amazing home cooked food???


5.  November 29th- MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!


And THAT my friends is why November is the best month ever. Period.


Did typing out that period part make it seem even more final?  Yeah it did, it totally did!




A Proper Ode to Michael Jackson October 30, 2009

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I’ll admit I did get a little emotional during the MTV VMA tribute to Michael Jackson.  But, it made me realize how much of an impact he really had on me during my childhood.

So, I really wanted to find something that would do MJ justice.  And then my Dad, yeah I know…  Anyway, my Dad showed me this video on Youtube, and it only seemed fitting to post it here for you.  So, thanks pops!  ENJOY!!!



And yeah… that’s all one guy, Sam Tsui, singing ALL OF THE HARMONIES!!!  His friend on the left side of the stage, Kurt Schneider, adds in a little beatbox and all of the editing/production!



Coolest Baby Ever!!! October 29, 2009

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Anyone who knows me knows, I can be a little awkward around babies.  I mean I never know what to do with them.  I feel like I’m going to drop them or break them somehow.  And I don’t do the whole baby talk thing or funny faces.  I just want them to be like 2 years old and be able to have funny little chats with them.  And everyone always say, “Oh, one that that will all change!”

Well, that day has arrived!  Because this might just be the coolest baby I have ever seen!  I think we’ve got a little fanboy in the making!





And people wonder why there are so many single girls in NYC?!?! October 27, 2009

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I’m a single girl living in New York City, and none of my friends who live outside of the city can understand how that’s possible when there are so many hot single guys in the city… Well, here is why…  um yeah… Listen to these 2 voicemail messages from a “guy with nothing wrong with him.”

So, apparently this guy met a pretty lady at a bar in Toronto and kept pestering her until she finally gave him her card & number, just to get rid of him… Mental note to self…  Never ever give your REAL number to a guy that you are trying to get rid of, because I promise you, he WILL call! And it will not be pretty!