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Hosting Reel! August 3, 2011

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Just in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to for the past year or so… It’s been amazing so far, can’t wait to see what’s next!!! #ptl



The World According to Paris- My Oxygen Interviews!!!! Sooooo Hooottootooootttt;) May 16, 2011

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So… You know a TON about her! But, do you really know the REAL Paris Hilton???  Her new show, The World According to Paris premieres on Oxygen June 1st!  But, in the meantime I got an exclusive interview with Paris Hilton, her mom & her friends!  About The Show.


The Art of the Stare-down! April 30, 2011

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Dear Mr. Dwayne Johnson,
You may have schooled me in the ancient art of the stare-down in Rio, but I have been practicing! And I am ready for a rematch! Name the time & place.
Tiffany Smith
ps. I am going for intimidation AND loin warming!

In honor of my lesson with The Rock for Fast Five... I've been practicing my stare down!


Just a little tease…BTS at the Fast Five Junket! April 27, 2011

We are almost there! It’s almost time to see Fast Five on April 29th! But, before the film arrives & before my interviews air on G4’s Attack of the Show, I wanted to take you behind the scenes with me!


Send me Stuff yo! September 27, 2010

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Ok… Here’s some exciting Monday news, as per your requests! Well, I hope it’s exciting news ;D

I got a PO Box set up for you to send pics for me to sign. And don’t forget a self-addressed & stamped return envelope! YEAHHHH…

Tiffany Smith
P.O. Box 12941
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

Feel free to print some of the ones I’ve posted here or on Facebook page & send that if you want. I know some peeps wanted the Star Trek one! haha  Just don’t forget the return self-addressed & stamped envelope for me!  Thanks guys!

I less than 3 you all!


Time for the Tesla 2.5 Roadster! September 17, 2010

Ok sooo… for those of you that may have missed Attack of the Show when I got to co-host (I mean really… I’m still kind of in denial that it actually happened… next time I’ll be sure to bring my totem with me!) anyway, that same day they aired this little piece where I got to find out all about the new Tesla 2.5 Roadster!   And by find out I mean take this baby out for a spin ALLL BY MYSELFFFFF!!!

Now, not only do I like to drive fast, but I LOVVVvvEeeE cars!  If you happen to frequent the car show circuit you may have seen me hosting for a little American company. (hint, this company did NOT need any bail out money…)  And living in Los Angeles has definitely upped the ante!  Anyway, this fully electric beast pulls 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, yeahhhhh, and no need for shifting because it’s got one gear and INSTANT torque.  I’d heard a lot about how this car would drive, but once I got behind the wheel it was unreal!

So, as Im pulling out of the Tesla lot in downtown Los Angeles, a cop car pulls up next to me and asks,”Is that the new electric sports car?”

I reply,”Yes sir.”

“How’s it run? What’s the top speed?”

“Pretty fantastic.  Best thing I’ve ever driven, top speed 125 mph.  Oh… but, it’s actually not mine.”

“Did you steal it?”

“No, noo… I am just test driving it for Attack of the Show.”

“Well, in that case, you’ve got from here to the free way to open that baby up.”

ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME???  Let’s just say… the Tesla is fasssssst.


PROMISE MORE POSTS ASAP! September 14, 2010

Hey Everyone!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Things have been super duper crazytown USA moving out to LA, auditioning a lot, landing a few jobs… namely one of my DREAM gigs with a little show called, ATTACK OF THE SHOW!

Anyway, working on a few new posts this week & should be able to get them on here for yall soon! Like…Comic Shop Tour of LA… Get excited! And thanks for being patient!


oh and ps heres a fun pic to hold you over…


G4’s Attack of the Show!!! I’m hosting THE FEED!!! eeekkk August 15, 2010

Now, if I began this post saying that I was excited… well that would be an understatement…. Because today my friends is like… It’s like Christmas, New Year’s & my Birthday in a brand new FCBD bag & board (that last bits for my fanboy friends)!

Monday Aug. 16th @7pm I will be hosting a segment on G4’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW called THE FEED!!!  The holy grail of all Geekdom!!!

If you’re on Twitter show some love anytime after 7pm Monday to: @aots, @TheFeed & @TiffanysTweets

Not sure what channel is it everywhere, but if you’ve got E! & Style then you’ve got G4! And for my non cable friends, you can check out my segment of The Feed right here:

Thanks for watching & supporting! Here’s hoping I get to see a lot more of you on AOTS!



Ready to have your mente soplado (mind blown)??? Inception July 26, 2010

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So this movie, rocked my world!  And this spoof is just… VERY GOOOOOODDD!!!


Livestream Interview with iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove!!! March 12th 7PM ET/ 4PM PT March 11, 2010

Tune in tomorrow!!!  I’ll be hosting a LIVE interview with iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove!  She’s answering questions live from fans andddd she’s got a big announcement that you are not going to want to miss!

See you tomorrow LIVE on the interwebs…

Here’s where you can watch here:

OR here:


My Home 2.0 Preview!!! February 3, 2010

So here is just a little taste of what I was up to in Tampa- a little Tech Home Make Over for a fantastic family!  Check Out…


Can’t wait to fill you guys in more on this awesome gig!

Oh and ps… If you’ve got Verizon Fios…  You are in for a surprise treat when you check out the Help videos on Channel 131!


THE JSA IS COMING!!! Smallville- Absolute Justice January 31, 2010

So, as I sit in Starbucks with my roommate diligently working away on a Sunday afternoon; her on Grad School applications and me, well… on my blog (haha yeah I really love my life!)

She looks over and me and is like, “Umm why are you weirdly smiling at your computer???”  Because clearly this is work time and not fun time!


She laughs, “Oook… you’re weird.”

yes… Maybe I look a little silly smiling at my computer, but I just can’t hide my geeky excitement!

Absolute Justice!!! The JSA is coming and it looks AMAZING!!!  Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVEEE SMALLVILLE!  I have all the dvds, and yes I have actually re-watched them.  I’ll admit the first few season were a little rough, but I am so in it now!  They’ve been sneaking in previews for what’s to come with JSA for a while now so, when this latest preview showed up, I was like a giddy little girl on Christmas morning!  The only thing that could possibly make me happier would be a guest starring role on Smallville myself!  One day, one day CW!!!  I am available when you need me!

So, here’s the preview for you guys!  I hope that it brings joy to your hearts and smiles to your faces!

And sidenote, if you aren’t into comics ladies…  (let me prefaces this by saying, this girly moment should in no way deplete any of my fanboy cred! Thank you.)  The guys on this show are HOTTT!!!  I mean one name, Tom Welling.  IMDB him, I promise you will not be disappointed!!!  I mean HE IS Superman!


NYE in Times Square 2010!!! January 2, 2010

For the first time ever the Times Square Alliance broadcast a 6 hour LIVE webcast to let everyone around the world get in on the NYE FUN!  So, for the first time in my 5 years of living in New York City I got to be in Times Square for the Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve!  Which I have to say was pretty surreal!  Not only did I get to hang out with about a million revelers to ring in the New Year, but my co-hosts and I got to go behind the scenes and check out all the things that make New York City the place to be for New Year’s!

Official NYE Timer

I actually got to go up to the roof of 1 Times Square and see where this 12 foot almost 12,000 pounds ball drops to ring in the New Year!  There is a huge timer up there that made me feel like I walked onto the set of Mission Impossible and I had to fight the urge to do a tucked forward somersault into my interview with Tony Calvano.   Tony is the Man behind the Ball and the Numerals.  Not to mention some of the most memorable signs in Times Square.  (yeah you try saying Ball like a million times in one night without letting out a single giggle!)

Then after that headed to the streets where, get this you can order delivery to the spot you are standing in, while you’re waiting for midnight!!!  Only in New York City!  We met people from all over the world, Taiwan, Germany, Sweden, Ethiopia, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, Iran, and England just to name a few!  By this point yeah… I was starting to get a little chilly in my sparkly festive attire!  But, thanks to my quick thinking, and American Apparel, I didn’t stay that way for long.  These guys, some thigh high socks, were keeping me warm all night!  Very stylish right?!?

From the great outdoors to inside our NYE Headquarters at the Hard Rock Cafe!  There were some great performances from Shayna Zaid and the Catch, Taddy Porter and Delfina.  And as if just having a live webcast wasn’t enough we had live bloggers chatting with all the viewers and keeping us co-hosts posted so we could twitter back and forth with you guys too!

Me & Heidi Kelso

After warming up just a bit, it was back outside to join the crowds and squeeze in a few more interviews!  Got to chat with Heidi Kelso, the woman behind all the star power in Times Square!  And might I just add how stylish and amazing she is!  Thanks for a great chat Heidi and I know that everyone loved all the great performances!  Oh and the man who hits the switch at midnight, Mayor Bloomberg himself, made his way over for a little chat.  He was ready to ring in the New Year, his next term as Mayor and the new decade for New York City!

Here’s a little clip of the live webcast from NYE and my interview with Mayor Bloomberg!

For more highlights of the evening check out

It was the coolest way I have ever rung in the New Year!  That’s for sure!  Got to work with some amazing people and made some great friends!  Can’t wait to see what 2010 brings and hope to see you all again on the Live Webcast to ring in 2011!

If you want more info check out The Times Square Alliance site

Dancing into the New Year with Bobby G, Lindsey & Kaitlin

On the Streets with Tati

Hard Rock HQ with our gorgeous Bloggers!

With my Co-Hosts at Hard Rock HQ: Lindsey Zelli, Kaitlin Monte & Harrison Greenbaum


Lady Gaga+Cartman+Christopher Walken= MAGGGICCCCC November 19, 2009

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Everyone’s heard of mash-ups now, thanks in part to Glee (BIG UP GLEEKS!!!)  Anyway,  if all of those performances brought you a certain musical euphoria, well I have got some musical gold for you!  Mix a little Gaga Poker Face with a dash of South Park’s Cartman and just a pinch of Christopher Walken from his BBC One appearance… and you’ve got a chart topping hit!  Well maybe more like a YouTube topping hit!  Either way it’s FANTASTICAL!

P- P- P- Please check it out…





Coolest Baby Ever!!! October 29, 2009

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Anyone who knows me knows, I can be a little awkward around babies.  I mean I never know what to do with them.  I feel like I’m going to drop them or break them somehow.  And I don’t do the whole baby talk thing or funny faces.  I just want them to be like 2 years old and be able to have funny little chats with them.  And everyone always say, “Oh, one that that will all change!”

Well, that day has arrived!  Because this might just be the coolest baby I have ever seen!  I think we’ve got a little fanboy in the making!





My MTV ’09 VMA Top 10… October 7, 2009

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1. Joe Perry!!! So into it, loved it!

2.  A little emotional during the MJ tribute…  smooth criminal, JANET WAS AMAZING!

3.  I just love that Russell Brand tight pants and all…

4.  Completely and utterly disgusted by Kanye West- you weren’t even nominated and I don’t even think Beyonce would ever want you to do anything like that… I’m going to pray for you buddy…

5.  Lady Gaga… Super theatrical performance… maybe a little too dark for me…  or I’m not artsy enough?… I didn’t get the wheel chair, arm brace & bloody eye bit?

6.  Beyonce-  incredible performance!

7.  Muse- surprised it was their first ever US performance I’ve been listening to them for a while now!  Such a great band!

8.  Pink… what was she wearing?  But, really cool Cirque du Soleil thing, and I think she was singing live which is insaneeee!

9.  Beyonce is sooo classy!!!

10.  Taylor Swift is so adorable and couldn’t have wished for a better PR stunt!