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The Hobbit- Production Diaries 1!!!!! September 1, 2012

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So, I recently stumbled upon these videos that Peter Jackson has posted during the making of The Hobbit!!! For anyone who knows me you know, I am a huge Huge HUGE Tolkien, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson fan!!! So when I watched these videos I was beyond a little excited, and it kind of even made me feel like I got to be a part of it all too!  Gives me a little something more to satiate my Middle Earth appetite till The Hobbit is out in theaters!


“In a hole there lived a hobbit.”


3rd and a half times the charm! August 6, 2012

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In honor of seeing The Dark Knight Rises for the 3rd and a half time (1/2- junket screening imax fail, 1- full junket screening, 2- midnight showing, 3- last night just for kicks!) Check this out!!!

Love when two things I love are mashed up! I would def tell Bats to call me maybe 😉


Rio From the Sky!!! April 22, 2011

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Did I mention how awesome my trip to Rio was? Yeah we got to go on a helicopter ride!

Now… if only I can figure out how to get back to Brazil for the UFC: Rio Fight Card… hmmm…

Anyway, enjoy the excitement of my first helicopter ride! EVER! Clearly, I like to say how pretty things are! haha 🙂 SOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!… Oh yeah and Matt Zaller’s there too 😉 hehe


JUDGEMENT DAY!!! April 20, 2011

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Yesterday Skynet went live! Thrusday the machines will attack…well according to Terminator lore 😉

And you wonder why I have been doing some gun training???

Photo funtimes courteous of Alfred Garcia, @alfredog1976


Tourist Tiffany en Brasil- Christ the Redeemer April 18, 2011

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Just in case you were asking yourself why was Tiffany in Rio? hmmm?


Just a little morning warm up before some badass Front Sight Training!

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Remember when I asked for song requests for my shooting weekend? Well… here’s how those songs were used 🙂 Also, brownie pts for whoever can name who sings the song that I loosely quote at the end of the video… 1…2…3… guesssss?


Dam trip continued…

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I MADE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! First up road trip to the Hoover Dam!

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Boy oh boy… I was like a kid in a candy store on this shoot! HOT WHEELS HEAVEN!!!

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Introducing Dj TiffyTiff’s Debut at NAMM 2011

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I got to go behind the scenes with Kevin Pereira & Attack of the Shows brand new host, Candace Bailey! Oh & I got zombie make up!


Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7 Review April 16, 2011

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LA Auto Show 2010- Talkin’ Cars on Attack of the Show November 30, 2010

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So, I grew up having father/daughter days at the car shows… ok if I’m being honest we did the dog shows too… haha

Anyway, so when G4’s Attack of the Show asked me to check out the newest concept and super-cars at the 2010 LA Auto Show, oh boy you can bet I say… YESSSUMSS!

Check out what I found!

oh and total nerd moment, when we were about to leave I spotted this guy (in the light blue jacket)!  And I wanted to say HI I LOVE YOUR CARS AND YOUR IDEA TO WIRE THE EARTH TO THE SUN TO BRING US SOLAR POWER! YOU ARE SO SMART… but instead I just stared, and obvi took a picture on my phone, like a deer caught in headlights… Mr. Musk… oh and that Mercedes ain’t so bad either!

Also, I post some more pics on here if I’m a little slow on the blog updates 😉


I’m Hosting, “All About” on Oxygen- WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!!! June 24, 2010

SET YOUR DVRS!!! I’m hosting, “All About” during the Friday night movie (The Craft) at 8pm on Oxygen!!! Went to the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter hit the red carpet, parties & rides! And yessssss, I totally got a wand 😉

Chatting with Harry Potter Himself!


CRAZY awesome Super busy!!!! May 3, 2010

Sorry for the brief pause in updates guys!  Things have been a little crazy amazing busy!  From hosting a tech home makeover show, to some little UK visitors (and by little no I don’t mean hobbits, though that would have been an even more amazing story.  But, don’t worry if hobbits ever so show up on my doorstep I will tell you every detail in full geek glory!), getting some new photos taken, free comic book day & checking out some of those gift bag oscar parties!!!

Here’s some of the fun for you to check out!

My Home 2.0 Got to head down to Tampa Florida and be a little technology fairy to update the Reyes family’s home!  Now maybe I can get the show to upgrade my home???

Gift Bag Robin Hood Got to check out some of the Celebrity Gift bag Oscar Parties out in LA this year!  Pretty amazing stuff!  Then give away a few to fans of!  I mean if Kevin Pereira can do it, so can I!!!  (ahhh G4, Attack of the Show how I love you so…)

New Pictures!!!  Let me know what you guys think!  Thank you sooo much Mr. Peter Hurley!  And thank you all of my friends & fam who got a barrage of emails trying to help me choose the final shots!


Predators awkward 80’s dancing… March 7, 2010

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Just happened upon this video.  Somehow the awkward 80’s gyrating Predator hips make me really really really… uncomfortable.  And I just figured I should share my discomfort with all of you.


I do have to say that I will no longer have nightmares about Predators taking over the world!  And if they ever try well, I’ll just challenge them to a DANCE OFF!!!  5. 6. 7. 8.