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So, I've joined the dark side & started my own blog! Let me know what you think… WELCOME TO THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THIS GIRL…

Some of this year’s Fangirl Fun! August 7, 2012















Anyway, this year I have been lucky enough to chat comics and graphic novels with the woman who I like to call the Queen of Con… the one, the only, Miss Blair Butler!  Here are two of the times that I got to guest host on G4’s Fresh Ink!

First stop…  Fatale, Rachel Rising, The Avengers Annual, Animal Man, X23, DMZ, Penguin, Uncanny X-Force, and The Cape.

Fresh Ink Round 1

Next stop time for some graphic novels…  Fatale, The Left Bank Gang, Pride of Baghdad, Johnny Wander, Dracula, Batman Earth One, Tanpopo and The Comic Book History of Comics.

Fresh Ink Round 2

What are you guys reading!? Any of you checked out some of my suggestions???


Hosting Reel! August 3, 2011

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Just in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to for the past year or so… It’s been amazing so far, can’t wait to see what’s next!!! #ptl



Interviews with the cast of Fast Five in RIOOOOOoOOooO! April 29, 2011

OD’ed on all things Royal? The only cure, Fast & Furious! It’s the fifth installment of the franchise and I gotta say it is my favorite of the bunch!  Little heavy on plot, but I mean really are you going to see these for the plot? Not so much…

There are serious car chases, explosions, parkour, hot men, Brazilian women and most of the Torretto gang is back for this last… last, last job!

So…Here’s the proof that I was in fact working in Rio! Learning the ancient art of the staredown for Attack of the Show.

And is it just me or am I seeing A LOT more Dodge Chargers on the streets of LA since Friday??? Dodge better say a HUGGGEEE thanks to Mr. Diesel for making those cars look almost as badass as a his usual vintage beasts!

Dom's New Ride

ps… do yourself a favor, when you see this movie make sure you stay through the credits… hint… her name is Eva 😉


LA Auto Show 2010- Talkin’ Cars on Attack of the Show November 30, 2010

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So, I grew up having father/daughter days at the car shows… ok if I’m being honest we did the dog shows too… haha

Anyway, so when G4’s Attack of the Show asked me to check out the newest concept and super-cars at the 2010 LA Auto Show, oh boy you can bet I say… YESSSUMSS!

Check out what I found!

oh and total nerd moment, when we were about to leave I spotted this guy (in the light blue jacket)!  And I wanted to say HI I LOVE YOUR CARS AND YOUR IDEA TO WIRE THE EARTH TO THE SUN TO BRING US SOLAR POWER! YOU ARE SO SMART… but instead I just stared, and obvi took a picture on my phone, like a deer caught in headlights… Mr. Musk… oh and that Mercedes ain’t so bad either!

Also, I post some more pics on here if I’m a little slow on the blog updates 😉


Send me Stuff yo! September 27, 2010

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Ok… Here’s some exciting Monday news, as per your requests! Well, I hope it’s exciting news ;D

I got a PO Box set up for you to send pics for me to sign. And don’t forget a self-addressed & stamped return envelope! YEAHHHH…

Tiffany Smith
P.O. Box 12941
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

Feel free to print some of the ones I’ve posted here or on Facebook page & send that if you want. I know some peeps wanted the Star Trek one! haha  Just don’t forget the return self-addressed & stamped envelope for me!  Thanks guys!

I less than 3 you all!


PROMISE MORE POSTS ASAP! September 14, 2010

Hey Everyone!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Things have been super duper crazytown USA moving out to LA, auditioning a lot, landing a few jobs… namely one of my DREAM gigs with a little show called, ATTACK OF THE SHOW!

Anyway, working on a few new posts this week & should be able to get them on here for yall soon! Like…Comic Shop Tour of LA… Get excited! And thanks for being patient!


oh and ps heres a fun pic to hold you over…


My Home 2.0 Preview!!! February 3, 2010

So here is just a little taste of what I was up to in Tampa- a little Tech Home Make Over for a fantastic family!  Check Out…


Can’t wait to fill you guys in more on this awesome gig!

Oh and ps… If you’ve got Verizon Fios…  You are in for a surprise treat when you check out the Help videos on Channel 131!


As If I didn’t want Everything from Sony After CES… It’s on Fi-yahhh! January 15, 2010

By, now I am sure you’ve seen some of the awesome Auto-Tuned videos from The Gregory Brothers.  But, this one really hit home for me, since I just got back from CES & spending some quality time at the Lounge at the Sony booth.  This video will certainly make you Make.Believe.

Check it out!


NYE in Times Square 2010!!! January 2, 2010

For the first time ever the Times Square Alliance broadcast a 6 hour LIVE webcast to let everyone around the world get in on the NYE FUN!  So, for the first time in my 5 years of living in New York City I got to be in Times Square for the Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve!  Which I have to say was pretty surreal!  Not only did I get to hang out with about a million revelers to ring in the New Year, but my co-hosts and I got to go behind the scenes and check out all the things that make New York City the place to be for New Year’s!

Official NYE Timer

I actually got to go up to the roof of 1 Times Square and see where this 12 foot almost 12,000 pounds ball drops to ring in the New Year!  There is a huge timer up there that made me feel like I walked onto the set of Mission Impossible and I had to fight the urge to do a tucked forward somersault into my interview with Tony Calvano.   Tony is the Man behind the Ball and the Numerals.  Not to mention some of the most memorable signs in Times Square.  (yeah you try saying Ball like a million times in one night without letting out a single giggle!)

Then after that headed to the streets where, get this you can order delivery to the spot you are standing in, while you’re waiting for midnight!!!  Only in New York City!  We met people from all over the world, Taiwan, Germany, Sweden, Ethiopia, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, Iran, and England just to name a few!  By this point yeah… I was starting to get a little chilly in my sparkly festive attire!  But, thanks to my quick thinking, and American Apparel, I didn’t stay that way for long.  These guys, some thigh high socks, were keeping me warm all night!  Very stylish right?!?

From the great outdoors to inside our NYE Headquarters at the Hard Rock Cafe!  There were some great performances from Shayna Zaid and the Catch, Taddy Porter and Delfina.  And as if just having a live webcast wasn’t enough we had live bloggers chatting with all the viewers and keeping us co-hosts posted so we could twitter back and forth with you guys too!

Me & Heidi Kelso

After warming up just a bit, it was back outside to join the crowds and squeeze in a few more interviews!  Got to chat with Heidi Kelso, the woman behind all the star power in Times Square!  And might I just add how stylish and amazing she is!  Thanks for a great chat Heidi and I know that everyone loved all the great performances!  Oh and the man who hits the switch at midnight, Mayor Bloomberg himself, made his way over for a little chat.  He was ready to ring in the New Year, his next term as Mayor and the new decade for New York City!

Here’s a little clip of the live webcast from NYE and my interview with Mayor Bloomberg!

For more highlights of the evening check out

It was the coolest way I have ever rung in the New Year!  That’s for sure!  Got to work with some amazing people and made some great friends!  Can’t wait to see what 2010 brings and hope to see you all again on the Live Webcast to ring in 2011!

If you want more info check out The Times Square Alliance site

Dancing into the New Year with Bobby G, Lindsey & Kaitlin

On the Streets with Tati

Hard Rock HQ with our gorgeous Bloggers!

With my Co-Hosts at Hard Rock HQ: Lindsey Zelli, Kaitlin Monte & Harrison Greenbaum


New Year’s in Times Square goes High Tech- and I’m Co-Hosting!!! December 24, 2009

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So…  I’m hosting a webcast for New Year’s Eve this year!!!  LIVE FROM TIMES SQUARE!!!  And apparently I’m not the only whose excited about it!  Cause there’s an article in the New York Times about it!  Check it out!



MMA Confidential: Frankie Edgar November 8, 2009

This week we’re checking in with Frankie Edgar, the “Answer,” and this time MMA Confidential’s Bruce Kivo is asking the questions!  And of course we’re checking out the latest Tweets & User Videos from the MMA World.  Wanna see what happens when you don’t wear proper equipment in a fight???   Yeah, you get kicked in the balls!  Not so pretty, might I suggest wearing a cup maybe?



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TruFan Boxing: @ Gleason’s Gym Round 1 November 7, 2009

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Wanna  see a knock down drag show highlighting the true spirit of Boxing; The Gentleman’s Sport?  Well, you won’t see that here… haha it’s more like a 12 year olds blindside sucker punch.  I guess they’re still working on the Gentleman part!

Haven’t heard of Gleason’s Gym?  Well, I am sure you’ve seen it in some of the the many Hollywood movies it’s appeared in from Raging Bull to Million Dollar Baby.  Trufan’s own Boxing guru JMonte stopped by for an exclusive interview with owner Bruce Silverglade. And we’ve got tweets from Hector Camacho Sr. son… umm yeah I think Macho Camacho might have to rethink that nickname when he’s got his son fighting his battles!



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The A Show: Anything & Everything

The A-SHOW has a new look and a brand spankin’ new host…  MEEE!  I’ll show you everything INASEC TV has to offer from the coolest sports features, to awesome video submitted by our viewers and finally the best tweets from some of our favorite peeps in the sports world!  In this debut episode, see how dangerous being a high jump judge can really be, check out some tweets from NFL star Reggie Bush and Nascar’s Kenny Wallace .  And well spend some time with a basketball team from New York proves that success on the hardwood has nothing to do with height, The New York Towers.

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Say So Long to Summer Flings… September 11, 2009

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It seems as though summer has officially ended…  Here in NYC the Fall weather is in FULL EFFECT!!!  And that means all hope for fun summer flings have blown away with the warm weather.  So, I thought to help you all snag a significant other for the holiday season, I’d share some flirtastic tips with you from Me & Love U.


Hmm… I guess we are of the marrying age… August 10, 2009

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Ahhhh… I know you’ve been missing the gems of wisdom I share with you on Love U!  So here is the latest for all you married folks out there…

I know what you’re thinking “Tiffany’s not married… What makes her an expert?”  Well, I am wayyyy ahead of you guys… that’s what writers are for!  

While I may not be married, the writers are!!!  And they give great advice 😉



DANCE DANCE DANCE!!! July 29, 2009

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Seems like everyone’s joined the dancing craze!!! From So You Think You Can Dance, to Dancing with the Stars and even Dance Your Ass Off (have to admit… I’m kind of scared of watching this one… I’ll settle for the best clips on The Soup!)

Nowwww it’s my turn to teach you a little something about dancing… Check out the latest episode of Love U