Breakfast @ Tiffany's

So, I've joined the dark side & started my own blog! Let me know what you think… WELCOME TO THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THIS GIRL…

PHOTOS July 6, 2009


HS Street3/4 HS Curly HairB&W CUHigh Jump












Daily Byte Promo 1

   Daily Byte Promo 2Daily Byte Promo 3Behind the Byte Table ReadingBehind the Byte On Set 1Behind the Byte On Set 2Behind the Byte- learning my linesDance with the Dancers GalaMe & Bumble BeePulp Culture Pilot




































Ms. RobotoRockband in my PJsEpic Battle... Shark vs. Dolphin 80'sTMNT- MichelangeloPiratesRockin' Out

















WAWAAAASurfin' 101HollywoodNYCSLC, UtahThe Canyons, SLC, UtahFloridaMote Marine Lab, FLManchester, UKLondon, UKBath, UKLondon, UKGreenwich, CT


One Response to “PHOTOS”

  1. CFGodwell Says:

    Caught you (rather, watching you now) on G4…GOOD JOB! And “you ain’t scurrrred”. Keep it up and good luck. Tesla? Didnt even look.

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