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Official Marvel IRON MAN 3 Trailer October 23, 2012

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!! #midnightatthemovies Iron Man 3 Trailer –


Spiderman 4… Will the Real Peter Parker Please Stand up? January 20, 2010

With all the drama surrounding the next Spiderman Movie … The most recent news has made me feel well…  (insert musical interlude!)

Marc Webb, of 500 Days of Summer, will be directing!  Which I am super excited about.  I mean really his last name is WEBB!!!  You may wonder why I’m not listing all the other wonderful projects that Marc has worked on in his long and illustrious career.  Well, that’s because it hasn’t been long… or illustrious, unless you consider directing “Jesse McCartney: Up Close”  a real winner!  But, if you’ve seen 500 Days of Summer you can still join me in my joy!  And hey, I love that Hollywood’s giving some up and comers a real shot (HELLO… District 9.  Neil Blomkamp!)

Anyway, since Mr. Toby Maguire will be leaving the role of Peter Parker, all eyes are now on Joseph Gordon-Levitt!  Which makes me feel well… (insert musical interlude!)

I am super excited about the prospect of a new Peter Parker, my only concern?  They want to go back to when Peter Parker is still in High School.  Not so sure about that decision…  But, at least if Webb wants to put in another musical montage , like this horrible one in Spiderman 3…

Or this even more embarrassing one…

At least we know Gordon-Levitt can actually pull it off!!!  Now, if we could only get that Kirsten Dunst girl replaced with Zooey Deschanel…


Modern Warfare 3? The Onion Strikes! November 13, 2009

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I think the lines will be even longer for this edition!!!