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So, I've joined the dark side & started my own blog! Let me know what you think… WELCOME TO THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THIS GIRL…

PROMISE MORE POSTS ASAP! September 14, 2010

Hey Everyone!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Things have been super duper crazytown USA moving out to LA, auditioning a lot, landing a few jobs… namely one of my DREAM gigs with a little show called, ATTACK OF THE SHOW!

Anyway, working on a few new posts this week & should be able to get them on here for yall soon! Like…Comic Shop Tour of LA… Get excited! And thanks for being patient!


oh and ps heres a fun pic to hold you over…


Comic books going the way of the Newspaper & Magazine??? November 16, 2009

I do pretty much everything from my computer or from my phone.  Most of my friends are the exact same way about pretty much everything, except for one… COMIC BOOKS!  Yes, I am a comic book geek.  And yes, I have subscriptions at my comic book store of choice (Midtown Comics) for my weekly fix of floppies.

But, I have to say when you live in a little apartment, sometimes the idea of getting all my comics electronically is pretty tempting…

But, that’s just silly right?  No, true fanboy would do that right???  I’m not so sure anymore.  I mean the fact that all the heavy hitters are doing digital comics, motion comics and interactive stuff on the web makes it seem like this might be a direction I need to start taking more seriously… So, maybe having something that can support the amazing artwork and stories is out there… I just have to find it…  Enter the rumored Apple Tablet!

What do you guys think?

Check out what Gizmodo has to say…