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Some of this year’s Fangirl Fun! August 7, 2012















Anyway, this year I have been lucky enough to chat comics and graphic novels with the woman who I like to call the Queen of Con… the one, the only, Miss Blair Butler!  Here are two of the times that I got to guest host on G4’s Fresh Ink!

First stop…  Fatale, Rachel Rising, The Avengers Annual, Animal Man, X23, DMZ, Penguin, Uncanny X-Force, and The Cape.

Fresh Ink Round 1

Next stop time for some graphic novels…  Fatale, The Left Bank Gang, Pride of Baghdad, Johnny Wander, Dracula, Batman Earth One, Tanpopo and The Comic Book History of Comics.

Fresh Ink Round 2

What are you guys reading!? Any of you checked out some of my suggestions???


My New Top 5 Comics!!! December 2, 2009

I thought I’d share some of my fav comics out now… I have been feeling a little swamped with all the Blackest Night Green Lantern, Titans, Batman, Superman, Corps, Britney Spears… Ok, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea!  I mean really dreaming about black rings is just not healthy!

So, I thought I’d start fresh with a few new comics.  And let me tell you, these ones should NOT BE MISSED!

  1. IMAGE UNITED– (Image) Image founders doing all the characters they do best!  All in ONE COMIC!  I MEAN REALLY!!!
  2. STUMPTOWN– (Oni Press) Lots of similarities between this heroine and Batwoman in Detective Comics… Maybe that’s because they are both badass creations from the mind of Greg Rucka!
  3. CINDERELLA FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE– (Vertigo) We all know the fairy tale, but the most exciting stuff is what happens after that!  Bond, Cinderella Bond.  Ok maybe that joke doesn’t work… But, whatever, she’s a spy!  Oh, and she owns a shoe boutique!
  4. MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ– (Marvel) If this series is anything like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, well, I will certainly be following that yellow brick road!
  5. SKY PIRATES OF NEO TERRA– (Image) The artwork in here is just amazing!  Camilla d’Errico is giving JH Williams III a run for his money as my favorite artist!


Please don’t sell out… Please don’t sell out… September 17, 2009

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The mainstream business world has definitely caught on to the fact that there is a huge fan base in comic books!  Those suits can just hear that money rolling in!  Let’s just hope that DC and Marvel don’t give in and start adding in fairy princesses and bunnies to all of our favorite bad ass comics!

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a good Disney animated movie, but let’s keep the Mouse and Bunny where they belong.  And to show my good faith here is my ode to Disney… well my ode via Pogo…

Disney bought Marvel for … $4 Billion

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, bought DC Comics for… $4 Billion



Apparently $4 billion is the magic number… Guess I better start saving if I want to buy Image and turn it into my own little comic plaything.  Saving so far… 3 dollars 44 cents… sooo close only about 4 billion to go!


Blackest Night #0 July 4, 2009

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Blackest Night #0I get pretty excited for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!  Even though a lot of times the comics are just reprints wah wah… But still it’s free comics!!! And this year… I gotta say DC really out did themselves with Blackest Night issue #0!!!  We’ve heard all the rumblings about Blackest Night and we’ve gotten a few little teasers here and there, but this is the beginning of an EVENT!  One that I have to say I am so excited for.

 We’ve got Geoff Johns writing, who is one of my personal favorites, paired up with Ivan Reis, who’s been working on the Green Lantern.  I have to say they are a great match in this first little taste of Blackest Night.  It’s only a quick 12 pages, but these two have done a fantastic job.  And somehow they strike an amazing balance introducing the story to new readers as well as keeping the fanboys satisfied.

 Blackest Night is going to completely change the DC Universe.   There will soon be 7 different corps, each one tied to an emotion and a color in the spectrum, that will have to join forces against an 8th corp….  the deadliest the Black Lanters… They are the undead… get it… deadliest… undead… oh yeah I’m always thinking…

Anyway, the issue begins with Barry Allen and Hal Jordan in a cemetery rehashing their own ‘deaths’ and resurrections…  and mourning the loss of Batman.  I love how Johns made them both aware of their own strange paths and gave some great foreshadowing; not all who come back from beyond are as lucky as they are…  you even get a glimpse of who might be coming back from the other side… look closely at some of the tombstones guys!  Waiting in the wings… William Hand aka BLACK HAND the Green Lantern’s enemy numero uno wearing the black ring and calling some Black Lanterns to war… muahhahah

And as if the 12 pages of new story weren’t enough we even get some beautifully drawn images of all of the Lantern Corps that are going to take part in this epic battle.

As far as getting me sufficiently excited and sucked in for the issues to come… serious points for you guys because I am on board!  Just one question? … whyyyy oh why do I have to wait all the way until July to read moreeee… ohh DC why do you tease me so…


GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra PREVIEW

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Next up let’s talk about GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra  G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra

Not gonna lie I am a little worried about this one… the comics are one of Marvel’s top selling books, loved the cartoon, even had the action figures… Kind of feel like the plot is one the I came up with when I was little playing with those action figures…  Special Ops fighting against Cobra the evil arms dealer…

No, big names are cast in this one all kind of second tier or up and coming actors… which usually I am really excited about… Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller; you know there is going to be some love story between the pretty people… predictable.  But Sienna Miller as the Baroness?  I just don’t see her being able to pull it off…  the only saving bits might be the love/hate bromance between Tatum and Joseph Gordon Levitt, they were already in Stop Loss together, so that  nostalgic American comrodery  from the comics might be fun to see.

Stephen Sommers is directing, who’s done The Mummy and Van Helsing so you at least there are going to be a few good fights and special effects.  But, this is probably one I’ll be waiting for on dvd…


The Flash Rebirth #1

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The Flash:Rebirth Issue #1 just came out recently and there has been a lot of hype about this series, because the dream team Geoff Johns is writing and Ethan Van Sciver is doing the artwork. When I picked up the book I have to say the cover is gorgeous and I was super excited to see if lighting could strike twice for this team who did an incredible job with The Green Lantern: Rebirth.

In this series they are bringing Barry Allen back from his heroic death in Crisis more than 20 years ago. For me tons of questions immediately sprung to mind… how are they going to bring him back… is this going to be a cheesy soap opera back from the dead? How are they going to deal with all of the other versions of the Flash? Wally West and Bart Allen? But you can’t judge Johns too harshly for this one as in all first issues there’s a lot of ground work that needs to be laid down before all the big questions can be answered. But, I am happy to say they aren’t ignoring all of the other Flash incarnations and are actually using it to create some great drama for this series. Angsty teen super hero drama count me in!

You get the feeling that this Flash is back for business. He’s not up for all the parades and parties and Flash whoopla… And Johns leaves you on the last page with a great idea of where the next issues could be headed. Bye Bye Savitar!

Now for the artwork, as soon as you open to the first page Van Sciver does a great job of pulling the reader into Central City, and has some fun with layering all of the old superhero favs throughout.

Something I think could really help out this seires as well, is the popularity of all the crime drama shows now… This issue starts out just like and episode of CSI, so even if you aren’t a comic book reader or an avid Flash follower, this might be a great series to get you started! Did this issue blow me away… no, but am I going to be ready to pick up the next issue?… umm yes!