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The Hobbit- Production Diaries 1!!!!! September 1, 2012

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So, I recently stumbled upon these videos that Peter Jackson has posted during the making of The Hobbit!!! For anyone who knows me you know, I am a huge Huge HUGE Tolkien, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson fan!!! So when I watched these videos I was beyond a little excited, and it kind of even made me feel like I got to be a part of it all too!  Gives me a little something more to satiate my Middle Earth appetite till The Hobbit is out in theaters!


“In a hole there lived a hobbit.”


Comic Con- Wrap Up… Some of My Favorite Moments… August 4, 2009

imagesSo, the weekend we were all waiting for has now passed, but there are a few things I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.  That well, I may not have seen in person, but witnessed via TV, web & well blogs… since yeah… I DIDN’T GET TO GO THIS YEAR 😦





Tom Welling made his first appearance at Comic Con and unveiled Smallville Season 9 secrets.  A costume reveal!  CLARK WILL FINALLY FLY!!!!  ANDDDDD drum role please:  Mr. Geoff Johns will be writing a Justice League episode!!!  Can this show get any better?!






My number one geek crush Elijah Wood made an appearance to talk about his new movie 9, but I was really hoping he was there to talk about possibly making an appearance in The Hobbit??? 




And ps did you guys see any Peter Jackson footage, he is sooo skinny, I barely recognized him. 








Johnny Depp’s appearance at the Alice in Wonderland panel.. I’m still kind of curious about the whole fuzzy squirrel cosplay???








And guys if any of you picked up some of those limited edition Green Lantern Hal Jordan figures each day send me some photos!   I’d love to see them!  Specifically if you went back everyday and got one in each color of the Corp spectrum!  AMAZING!







What were some of your favorite moments?  Seeing all the Twilighters screaming in one place?  Hearing about Frank Miller and Zack Snyder working on a sequel to 300?  Looks like Gerard Butler better start hitting the gym!  Happy days are here again!!!






Or was it the rumblings about Assasisn’s Creed Movie shorts?  Or maybe just seeing everyone decked out as their favorite superhero?




For now it’s back to reading comics and watching movies until the next Comic Con arrives in approximately 353 days… The countdown has begun…